Key Staff

Shirley Beasley - Home Manger

I’m Shirley Beasley, Registered Nurse the Home Manager of Quinton House & Quinton Gardens Nursing Home.

I have been a qualified nurse for 46 years with a varied career in Nursing. I started working on a children’s ward in 1977 then working on general wards from 1981. In 2002 I went to work in the operating theatres in Worcester, where I gained an ENB qualification in anaesthetics and recovery. I then worked in theatres for 18 years gaining promotion to anaesthetic/recovery sister, deputy manager and then 8 years as Manager at the Winfield Gloucester. In this time my father was diagnosed with vascular dementia, and I eventually gave up my career as Theatre manager to help look after my father. Sadly after 2 years we were unable to nurse him at home and as a family we made the hard decision he need to be cared for in a care home. During this time, I gained the role of clinical lead at a woman’s sexual health clinic in Edgbaston. My dad passed away in June 2019 and it was after much thought and deliberation I made the decision to change my career path and looked for an opportunity to work in a care home in the field of dementia.

I started working in a care home as a registered nurse in February 2020. Then in March, we went into lockdown and this was a baptism of fire. Seeing how Covid 19 affected the elderly and losing residents was devastating. I gained promotion within 12 months to senior nurse then soon after gained promotion again to clinical lead. I found I had great passion working within the dementia unit and being able to empathise with relatives who were making the difficult decision of having to put their loved ones in care. In February 2022 I was made head of care which I helped and supported the manager and deputy manager.

In November 2022 I was promoted again to peripatetic deputy manager and  I was a relief deputy manager working in different homes when they needed support.

In July 2023 I was successful in joining the team at Quinton House as Deputy manager/clinical lead, then promoted to Home Manager in January 2024.

I hope my passion for working and caring for the elderly will enhance the team even further to make Quinton a happy and successful home.


Seth Copeland - Deputy Manager - Mental Health Lead

My name is Seth Copeland, and I am a Registered Mental Health Nurse with 10 years UK experience .

I previously worked as a financial planning manager and my journey to being a nurse began when I lost a family member to mental health. As a family, we felt due to lack of knowledge in understanding of the condition and its presentation symptoms, as well as the poor service we received from the mental health team led to the unfortunate. I felt the calling to become a nurse , a carer , a person who would do his best to understand and make a difference to others. My mindset was that if I just help one family , I would be pleased.

With my journey so far as a nurse, I worked within the mental health acute units as community mental health nurse CPN within the NHS as a band 6 nurse. I also worked within the community memory team in the NHS which has helped me to accumulate the knowledge and understanding of service users and how to promote quality of care with empathy, compassion and person-centred care, and working collaboratively with families to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the mental health conditions. Specialising in dementia care needs has led me to my present position.

Working in the private sector was very different to the NHS and I found it difficult until I started at Quinton House. Here, I felt not only were there systems and structures in place but also the team ethic and the genuineness, empathy, and compassion of the staff care delivery. I realised we share the same values hence I believed I was in the right place to work with a passion like many others here.

Over the last year, I have experienced the level of care delivered and the transformation that has been made in most of our service users. The commitment to community development among the families, carers, and external agencies has helped to create a working ‘’home from home’’ environment that helps to promotes quality of care delivery to our residents and this can be referenced on