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  • Award winning home


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  • We're welcoming families to visit their loved ones.

    GREAT NEWS!!!!

    We're welcoming families to visit their loved ones.

    Please call today on 01789 720 247 and we can book you in for a visit.

    We have put in place the following guidelines to ensure everyone's safety. They are as follows:

    - All visits will need to be arranged in advance by telephone
    - Only two people can visit at any one time and they must be from the same household.
    - You will be asked to complete a waiver form
    - You cannot be symptomatic. There will be a questionnaire that will completed when you arrive, and this will be recorded in your loved ones’ care plan
    - You’ll need to consent to having your temperature checked for added safety measures
    - All visits will be for up to 45 mins but no longer. This reduces the risk of needing to use the toilet or having to hydrate
    - If you are visiting in the garden or the visiting lounge, you will need to wear a mask which we will provide
    - We cannot allow visiting by someone wearing a cotton masks or homemade mask.
    - You cannot hug or touch the person you are visiting. As hard as this may be, we aren’t there just yet
    - You can bring non-perishable gifts. These gifts will be isolated for 72 hours. To avoid upset, you can give the gifts to the team before visiting if you wish. This may prevent any upset for those living with dementia who may not be able to understand the situation fully
    - Management do have the right to cancel visiting in the event that the weather conditions are not suitable for outdoor visiting thus not allowing as many people on site to visit at any one time.

    Finally, Bill and all his staff would like to thank everyone who has helped and supported us over the last few months.


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  • Coronavirus (COVID 19) – our guidance to service users and families

    Open letter to all Residents / Next of Kin – Residents at Quinton House and Quinton Gardens

    Dear all,

    This letter forms the 1st in a series of expected updates regarding the current issues the UK is facing in relation to coronavirus (COVID-19) and specifically how Quinton House Limited will work to ensure the safety of our residents and staff.

    Please note that it is NOT our intention to issue postal letters on a regular basis but that our current strategy and any relevant information can be accessed via our website. You can also telephone the home at any point and seek further information if you require it.

    Our primary goal is to maintain the safety of our residents and staff. Some of the advice and measures given may appear ‘harsh’ at a time when your relative or friend is living in a nursing home and may have high-level healthcare needs, however, that is precisely why the advice should be applied as we know that those adults who are older in years and who have other pre-existing healthcare conditions are most at risk if infected.

    It becomes clear from the latest Public Health England advice that transmission of the virus may seem inevitable. The advice herein seeks to reduce that risk as far as possible.

    Advice for visitors to the nursing home

    Please do NOT VISIT unless you feel that this is absolutely necessary (compassionate visits only – and those visitors will need to be subjected to a temperature check at the front the desk and sign a waiver).

    Quite simply, the less ‘traffic’ into and out of the nursing home, the lower the risk of transmission.

    If you do visit the nursing home for any reason, please ensure that you wash your hands in our visitors’ toilets and use the hand gel provided at reception. Please also use the hand gel provided at the entrance to each nursing suite. Please do not stay longer on your visit than is necessary.

    In circumstances where you do your loved ones washing etc., we are more than happy for you to collect and drop this off at the front door and leave it with our reception team.

    Staff on duty will be pleased to provide you with the latest update and information on your resident/relative/friend. Please call our direct number 01789 720 247. We must remind you that our nurses do have protected times for medication rounds, which are as follows:

    - 8:00 - 11:00

    - 13:00 - 14:00

    - 16:30 - 19:00

    During these times, a colleague will take your details and a member of the nursing team will call you back with the latest update on the resident concerned.

    Please do not visit the nursing home AT ALL if you have travelled outside of the UK over the last 14 days. We have chosen at this time to include ALL travel outside of the UK and our advice is NOT restricted to those areas listed by the government as being the highest risk. This is because the position across Europe and other typical travel destinations is so fast-moving.

    Please do NOT visit the nursing home if you have reported symptoms of the virus and have self-isolated in line with the latest government advice.

    How we are managing other visitors to the nursing home

    Of course, we recognise that the day-to-day business of treating our residents’ healthcare conditions must continue as far as is possible, however, we are seeking to reduce traffic to and from the nursing home as follows:

    - We have issued guidance to our suppliers and contractors that is designed to minimise the risk of transmission.

    - We have agreed on protocols with the GP surgery to minimise ‘home visits’ to our residents unless they are very necessary. The GPs have wider contact with the wider community, and they have their own protocols in place to reduce the risk of transmission.

    - Our contact and contract with the visiting eyesight practitioners have been suspended until the current situation eases.

    - Our staff members have all been issued with guidance on the requirements that we expect them to follow should they experience any symptoms.

    - We have taken sensible measures to ensure that we have sufficient supplies as far as they are available of essential, consumable items. As there are limited resources of medical supplies (hand gels, masks, etc.) any support on how we can increase our resources will be welcome.

    - We are in contact with local Health and Area authorities and with the CQC, who are also seeking to ensure that everything that we set in motion is best placed to manage the situation at this time and as it changes.

    In conclusion

    Please be assured that we seek to work in partnership with you, our staff teams, contractors and suppliers as well as the statutory Health and Medical agencies to minimise the risk of transmission to some of the most vulnerable members of society who are in our care.

    Please do check our website for regular updates.

    Please do telephone us if you have any queries.

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  • Top 20 Small Care Home Groups 2019


    Quinton House and Gardens Nursing Home are pleased to announce that we have won this Award and we couldn't be any happier. Our staff has worked hard over the years to not only make a difference to our residents but, to also assure families that their loved ones are in safe hands.

    The Group Awards 2019 highlight the most recommended Care Home Groups in the UK. The awards are based on over 120,000 reviews from care home residents as well as their friends and family.

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